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The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection

Since 1987 more than 15,000 letters written by and to the Australian botanist and explorer Ferdinand von Mueller have been located and edited by R.W. Home, Thomas A. Darragh, A.M. Lucas, Sara Maroske, D.M. Sinkora, J.H. Voigt and Monika Wells. The letters included here are a sample of the total, and lack the apparatus files. Users who need access to the citations or illustrations associated with specific letters can contact the editors at The full corpus will be mounted here in due course. Selected letters have been published in a print edition, Regardfully yours: selected correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller (Bern: Peter Lang, 1998–2006. See For further information about the project, see

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Ferdinand von Mueller
the Belfast Borough Council
March 1885
Source of text:
Minute book 8, p. 252, Borough Council records, Port Fairy, Victoria.Letter not found. M's letter was read at a Belfast (now Port Fairy) Borough Council meeting, 11 March 1885. Following the reading of the letter, 'Councillor [William] Webb moved that the Clerk be instructed to write to Mr James Atkinson of Port Arlington for £5 worth of the grasses named by Baron Mueller, and also that the Town Clerk of Queenscliff be also written to as suggested by Baron Mueller, which motion was seconded by Councillor [Charles] Bourne and unanimously agreed to.'The Belfast gazette published a more extensive summary of M's letter: 'Baron Von Mueller expressing his thanks to the Parks Committee of the Borough council for the attention shown him, by informing him of the excellent results which attend the Committee's exertions in arresting the drift sands along the sea shore. He was pleased to note that the Committee intended to spend the recent vote in continuing the planting of grasses and salt bush so successfully begun. The Baron suggested the use of buffalo grasses introduced by him in 1858. Baron Von Mueller also recommended that the Council make application to the Town Council at Queenscliff for some rooted offshoots of the sea-lyme grass, which from seeds supplied by him some years ago had become established on the sand dunes at Queenscliff; it was the most utilised of all grasses for binding sands on the European coasts. If once it is rooted at Belfast it could be readily propagated by division of the roots. He suggested that Mr James Atkinson, of Portarlington, be communicated with, as he makes it a speciality to gather annually the seeds of native sand plants and shrubs, and the expenditure of a few pounds in this way would be advisable.' (Belfast gazette, 13 March 1885, p. 2).At a meeting on 25 March 1885 a letter was read from 'R. Jordan esq Town Clerk Queenslcliff grasses for planting on the sands of the sea shore. The Clerk was instructed to obtain a copy of Baron Muellers work mentioned by Mr Jordan. The Book ordered from Mr West' (Minute book 8, p. 259, Borough Council records, Port Fairy). See also Belfast gazette, 27 March 1885, p. 2.On 8 April a letter was read from 'Mr James Dickenson Portarlington in reply to order for grasses as suggested by Baron Mueller. No action.' (Minute book 8, p. 265, Borough Council records, Port Fairy)

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