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The Sir John Herschel Collection

The preparation of the print Calendar of the Correspondence of Sir John Herschel (Michael J. Crowe ed., David R. Dyck and James J. Kevin assoc. eds, Cambridge, England: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1998, viii + 828 pp) which was funded by the National Science Foundation, took ten years. It was accomplished by a team of seventeen professors, visiting scholars, graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and staff working at the University of Notre Dame.

The first online version of Calendar was created in 2009 by Dr Marvin Bolt and Steven Lucy, working at the Webster Institute of the Adler Planetarium, and it is that data that has now been reformatted for incorporation into Ɛpsilon.

Further information about Herschel, his correspondence, and the editorial method is available online here:

No texts of Herschel’s letters are currently available through Ɛpsilon.

Sir John Herschel
O. A. Hodgson
[6 April 1866]
Source of text:
TxU:H/L-0195; Reel 1054

As executor for estate of late [Thomas] Baldwin, JH received OH's certificate and order for payment to Mrs. Baldwin. Concern for Mrs. Baldwin's advanced age and her lax method of writing checks. Disposition of estate after Mrs. Baldwin dies.

John Herschel Project
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