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Document type
letter (655)
From:  Charles Robert Darwin
To:  Charles Babbage
Date:  [1839 – Aug 1842]
Classmark:  British Library (Add 37191: 297)

Is so unwell today that he is unable to come [to CB’s party].

Contributor:  Darwin Correspondence Project
From:  Charles Robert Darwin
To:  John Maurice Herbert
Date:  [Jan 1839 – Sept 1842]
Classmark:  Bonhams, New York (dealers) (11 December 2013)

Suggests the names of two bird-preservers for JMH’s friend.

In reference to an earlier letter, replies: "As for Birds of Paradise from the West Indies, tell that to the marines, as we used to say on board the Beagle".

Contributor:  Darwin Correspondence Project
From:  Charles Robert Darwin
To:  Richard Owen
Date:  [1839 – Apr 1840]
Classmark:  Charles Hamilton (dealer) (13 June 1974)

Delighted by RO’s discussion in this sheet. RO should return revises to printer and get remaining ones.

Contributor:  Darwin Correspondence Project
From:  Charles Robert Darwin
To:  Woodbine Parish
Date:  [Jan 1839?]
Classmark:  Shuttleworth 1910, p. 412 n.

Likes WP’s book [Buenos Ayres and the province of La Plata (1838)]. Thinks it will interest all "who care for graver things than what the traveller eats and says to the Señoritas".

Contributor:  Darwin Correspondence Project
From:  Charles Robert Darwin
To:  J. Shillinglaw; Royal Geographical Society
Date:  [1839 – May 1842]
Classmark:  Fitzwilliam Museum

Asks for volumes of F. W. Beechey’s work [Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Bering Strait (1831)] and Nautical magazine and an order on [John] Arrowsmith for atlas of Dumont d’Urville’s Voyage in the "Astrolabe".

Contributor:  Darwin Correspondence Project
From:  Charles Robert Darwin
To:  Charles Stokes
Date:  [1839 – Sept 1842]
Classmark:  Wellcome Library

Sends observations he made on Fungia during Beagle voyage. Asks CS to make corrections in style or names of parts as he sees fit.

Contributor:  Darwin Correspondence Project
From:  George Robert Waterhouse
To:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [1839 – 10 Feb 1840]
Classmark:  DAR 205.3: 295

Sends John Blackwall’s book [Researches in zoology (1834)]. Discusses his reasons for doubting that there are any marsupials in Java or Sumatra.

Contributor:  Darwin Correspondence Project
From:  Madame Biot
To:  Sir John Herschel
Date:  1839
Classmark:  RS:HS 5.66

Offering her services while JH is in Paris.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  [John William Lubbock?]
Date:  [1839?]
Classmark:  RS LUB.H.353

Advice on obtaining magnetical and meteorological apparatus for Van Diemen's Land observatory. Need to clear up finances.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  [Edward Sabine]
Date:  [1839]
Classmark:  TxU:H/L-0632; Reel 1089

Submits payment to J. D. Roberton for 'Association' bills. Glad that ES approves of JH's draft article on terrestrial magnetism for Quarterly Review. Fears R.S.L. was premature in proposing experimental institutions; public was not prepared for such large expenditures for science. Prefers ES's suggestion of temporary magnetical and meteorological observatory. Strong disagreement from [C. J.] Riddell in America.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  Admiralty
Date:  [1839 or 1840]
Classmark:  RS:HS 1.14

Regarding Thomas Maclear's Cape Meridian.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  Francis Baily
Date:  [1839?]
Classmark:  RS:HS 3.283

Observations of [Kensa?] received. The George Everest-Thomas Jervis affair.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  Thomas Maclear
Date:  [1839]
Classmark:  RS:HS 12.178

Has heard from G. B. Airy that T. F. Colby has written to Ireland for the compensation bars. An additional assistant has been designated but no appointment made yet. Received a letter from their good friend but does not feel justified in bringing it to the notice of a minister. Admiralty has borrowed Fuller's theodolite (from R.A.S.) and the mural circle should soon arrive. Gives Michael Faraday's analysis of the meteorolite.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  Edward Sabine
Date:  [1839].
Classmark:  RS:HS 15.333

Discusses Harvard University offer to make magnetic measurements. Requests ES to read Admiralty extracts. Asks questions regarding JH's upcoming review [in Quarterly Review] of several works on terrestrial magnetism.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  Charles Wheatstone
Date:  [1839?]
Classmark:  RS:HS 25.11.12

Too ill to attend a demonstration by CW of one of CW's instruments [?].

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  Unidentified
Date:  1839
Classmark:  TxU:H/L-0642; Reel 1089

Will send two photometers and three-year supply of paper to [?]. One goes to J. C. Ross and one to F. Eardley Wilmot at Cape of Good Hope. Instructions for using photometers. Hopes [?] Robinson forwarded actinometers to Woolwich as JH directed. These should be checked at St. Helena. Instruction for using actinometers. Sent report to Humphrey Lloyd at B.A.A.S. Returns [?]'s Daguerre newspaper containing 'impudent notice about M. Pambour and his great Wheels.'

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  Unidentified
Date:  1839
Classmark:  RAS:JH Archive 4/2.3, 2.9, 2.10, and 2.13 (all verso); Reel 7

JH's experiments to find compounds suitable for photography. Accidental discovery of effect of 'nitrate of Silver.' Note of 22 Jan. from Francis Beaufort alerted JH to L. J. M. Daguerre's secret processes and W. H. F. Talbot's experiments.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Sir John Herschel
To:  Unidentified
Date:  [1839]
Classmark:  RAS:JH Archive 5/4.6 verso; Reel 8

Fourth observatory, at Van Diemen's Land [Tasmania], will be conducted by J. H. Kay, to be landed from one of vessels [Terror and Erebus] bound for Antarctica. This vessel will also carry observers and instruments for stations at St. Helena and Cape.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Harriet Ouseley
To:  Sir John Herschel
Date:  [1839?]
Classmark:  RS:HS 13.206

Is grateful for the gift to her son and for JH's time devoted to her son for his edification. Sir Gore hopes to call on the Herschels on the first fine day.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project
From:  Edward Sabine
To:  Sir John Herschel
Date:  [1839?].
Classmark:  RS:HS 15.322

Cabinet found R.S.L. recommendations unsatisfactory. Merchants are urging the value of good geographical and magnetic charts of southern ocean. Geographical Society is preparing a document. Wolverly Attwood, M.P., questioning ministers in Parliament on this matter.

Contributor:  John Herschel Project