From John Brown   9 March 1880

Adelaide, 9/3/80.

Dear Sir Ferdinand,

I went purposely the other day to Crafers1 to try and get the required information for you regarding Eucalyptus Cosmophylla. It may appear somewhat strange, but I could not find the tree. You describe it as a small tree or shrub. Now, all the species which I saw were tall, well-grown trees. Do you think it has been destroyed? I have not yet had time to botanise through the Mt. Lofty Hills, so cannot speak decidedly about the tree there, but intend taking the first opportunity to bring the whole range under inspection. At Crafers I observed a fine tall Eucalypt: bark of a white yellow and grey colour & straight in stem. Is this the E. paniculata (or White Gum)? I shall try and make another visit to the hills soon so as to find E Cosmophylla.

A [...]2 district sends me the enclosed. No. 1 is called "Red Blossom Gum" — No 2 — "Yellow Blossom Gum". The tree is generally straight grown, about 30 to 40 ft. in height, and the timber is largely used for fencing purposes. I have sent for branchlet and flower.

Yours very truly

J.E. Brown


Sir Ferdinand Mueller,

Government Botanist,



Eucalyptus Cosmophylla

Eucalyptus paniculata

Rest of line illegible.

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