William Colenso (1811–99)

English-born New Zealand botanist and missionary. Worked with the London firm of Richard Watts, printer to the Church Missionary Society, 1833. Left to run a printing press for the CMS in Paihia in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, in 1834. Published Christian religious works in the Maori language and official publications in English and Maori. Ordained deacon, 1844, and went with his family to a new mission station in Hawke’s Bay. Had a son by a Maori woman in 1851, and was suspended as deacon and dismissed from the mission, 1852. Elected to the Provincial Council, 1859, and the General Assembly, 1861–6. Published scientific papers and was commissioned by the General Assembly to produce a Maori dictionary, which he worked on until his death. FRS 1886.



Record of the Royal Society of London.