Brook Taylor ( 1685 - 1731 )

Birth: Edmonton, Middlesex, England (18 August 1685) Death: Somerset House, London (30 November 1731) Burial: St Ann's, Soho, London Profession: Barrister Research Field: Mathematics Education: Educated at home; Secket's private school; St John's College, Cambridge; LLB (1709), LLD (1714) Career: Advocate in the Court of Arches (1714-c 1720); travelled to France several times; corresponded with Pierre Remond de Montmort (FRS 1715); worked on the application of calculus to various problems, including the refraction of light and the determination of the centres of oscillation and percussion and enunciated the principle of vanishing points Membership: Fellow Election Date: 20/03/1712 Proposers: John Keill Council: 1714-1717, 1721, 1723, 1725; Sec 1714-1718.