Robert Boyle ( 1627 - 1691 )

Birth: Lismore Castle, Munster, Ireland, Europe (25 January 1627) Death: London, England, Europe (30 December 1691) Burial: St Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster, London, England, Europe (7 January 1692) Research Field: natural philosophy; physics; chemistry Education: Eton College (1635-1638) Career: Travelled to Geneva with his tutor Marcombes, and his brother Francis (1638-1640), and to Italy (1641-1642); returned to Geneva; moved back to London (1644), then to the manor of Stallbridge, Dorset (1645); worked on 'Aretology' (1645-46); took part in the 'Invisible College' (1646-47); set up a laboratory at Stalbridge (1649); published 'Some Considerations Touching the Style of the Holy Scriptures' (1661); visited his Irish estates (1652-1653), where with the help of Sir William Petty FRS he engaged in anatomical dissection; published 'Certain Physiological Essays' (1661); 'The Sceptical Chymist' (1661); while at Oxford wrote the bulk of 'Some Considerations Touching the Usefulness of Experimental Natural Philosophy (1663, 1671); member of the Council of Foreign Plantations (1661-1664); Governor of the Corporation for the Spread of the Gospel in new England (1662-1689); governor of the New England Company; paid for the translation of the Bible into Arabic and several other languages (1685-1686); Director of the Honorable East India Company Honours: Doctor of Physic (Oxford, 1665) Lectures: Boyle Lectures Membership: Founder Fellow Election Date: 28/11/1660 Council: 1660 and declined Presidency of the Royal Society (1680) Committee appointments include: Committee to consider of Mr Buckland's proposition to plant potatoes through all the parts of England (1662) Committee for Agriculture (c.