Michael Faraday ( 1791 - 1867 )

Birth: Newington Butts, Surrey, England (22 September 1791) Death: Hampton Court, Middlesex (25 August 1867) Burial: Highgate Cemetery, London Research Field: Chemistry, physics Education: DCL (1832) Career: Apprenticed to a bookbinder (c 1804); assistant to Sir Humphry Davy at the Royal Institution; visited the Continent with Davy; succeeded Davy at Royal Institution (1827); granted pension (1835); advisor to Trinity House (1836, for nearly 30 years) given house at Hampton Court (1858); discoveries included induced electricity (1831), electronic state of matter (1831) & equivalents in electro-chemical decomposition (1834) Often called the first scientific celebrity in Britain, Faraday was the leading scientst of his generation.