About Ɛpsilon

Ɛpsilon (Ɛpistles of Science In the Long Nineteenth Century) brings together metadata and transcriptions of letters written by and to nineteenth-century actors engaged in the study of natural, physical, or mathematical science, in a cross-searchable digital environment. In some cases records are hosted here, in others we provide links to external resources.

The platform is being developed by Cambridge University Library's Darwin Correspondence Project in partnership with Cambridge University Digital Library, and as part of a consortium with other editorial projects, individual scholars, and repositories. Funding is available to secure its long-term future and has been provided via the Darwin Correspondence Project.

A beta version of the site was demonstrated at the History of Science Society meeting in Toronto in November 2017. The first public version launched at the joint meeting of the British and European History of Science Societies in September 2018. In addition to those who have contributed collections, founding partners include Cambridge Digital Library, The Royal Society, and The Royal Institution.

The members of the Darwin Correspondence Project team directly responsible for Ɛpsilon’s development are:

  • Michael Hawkins – Technical Director
  • Alison Pearn – Associate Director
  • Elizabeth Smith – Associate Editor for Technical Development