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Samuel Goodenough
Sir James Edward Smith
17 Oct 1801
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GB-110/JES/COR/11/41, The Linnean Society of London

Disagreements over 'Carex' between him and [John] Pitchford, who believes Goodenough's 'Carex fulva' is the 'C. distans' of all other authors and sent specimen to him of which Goodenough thinks it a slight variety of 'C. flava'. Pitchford believes everyone has been deceived by [William] Hudson's 'C. inflata' which is in fact Smith's 'C. laevigata'; Goodenough convinced it is his 'C. depauperata'. Continually asked when Smith's "Flora Britannica" will be completed. Wishes that he had been on hand when Smith was selecting specimens and writing for "English Botany". Believes that the arrival of peace [Treaty of London, signed 30 September 1801, a preliminary peace between Britian and France] will be particularly beneficial for natural history, hopes that Britain will "keep the lead in science, as we have undoubtedly in naval glory" but dreads introduction of revolutionary principles.

The Linnean Society of London