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Alfred Russel Wallace
[unknown person]
February 1849
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Natural History Museum, London: NHM WP1/8/297

ARW reports to friends his observations of Brazil after nine months exploring. At first disappointed, expected profusion of monkeys, hummingbirds, and parrots everywhere. “Not for several days...saw a single monkey or bird,” but soon learned “how and where to look.” Country is “surpassingly beautiful,” caught 500 different kinds of butterflies. Virgin forest “sublime and magnificent” with astonishing vegetation where “lurk the Onca [jaguar] & the Boa constrictor...and the Bell bird tolls his peal.” Describes streams and rivers; Climate “wonderfully uniform;” 30 different kinds of palm trees; large variety of fruits. Unalterably opposed to slavery. Even where he observed them treated well, notes they can be sold “like horses or dogs.” Country is booming and prosperous in both agriculture and commerce.

Alfred Russel Wallace Correspondence Project