From Emma Darwin to W. E. Darwin [6 October 1855]



My dear Willy

We have had your monthly report good as usual. I shall be glad if you can find out the age of the youngest boys. We dined at the Lubbocks on Thursday & very dull it was. Lady L. was ill & Miss Lubbock also. Our dinner at Holwood was better. The Knight Bruce's were there & he sang a very good comic song called "The little woman". We have heard from Brodie safe at home, where she says it is very cold. I think she will come back in the spring to the neighbourhood of the Miss Thackerays. If you could write to her it would please her much & tell her any thing that comes into yr head she won't mind what it is. Georgy is mad about Amadis de Gaul now & afraid of reading too much of it for fear he should get to the end. Snow is a very pleasant dog & plays so prettily with a ball or chestnut. He is going to pay Aunt Eliz. a visit till the mad dogs are over. He has beautiful eyes.

Goodbye my dear old man I am come to the end of my news. your affect | E. D.

Brodie's direction is

Miss brodie | Portsoy | Scotland

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