From Emma Darwin to W. E. Darwin [23? October 1855]



My dear Willy

I am so glad you had such a capital visit at Barlaston & how lucky you were to miss the train. I dare say you had good fun with Cicely who is so merry. Edmund is here & the Gretas & the little Swiss governess who is rather a nice little body. Roundabouts have been going on at a great rate.

Please do tell me what Aunt Fanny paid for you as I am sure she will forget. It was very lucky Mrs Gatton did not invite you. I went for two days to Brighton last week to see the Tollets who were staying there. It not so windy as when we were there before so I liked it better but it is a tiresome staring place. We have a load of pears on the trees for the winter. Goodbye my dear old man. I am not in a writing way as they are all talking. I don't wonder they are tired of Mrs Hastings at Barlaston. What will Clem. do with his 62 eggs.

Yours E. D.

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