From A. G. Dew-Smith to Horace Darwin 15 August 1883

Waterloo Hotel. Hamburg.

Aug. 15. 83.

My dear Darwin.

Will you have the kindness to ask Milne if he can put his hand on a sheet of drawing paper in the sitting room with a sort of design for a mantil piece on it. It used to be on a drawing board. Milne knows [wh] as [it] is as he mentioned it to me one day. If you can find in [illeg] you please send it round to Miss DuPuy.

I hope you are getting on well & not finding things too bothering to you.

I leave here for Jena to—day or to—morrow. I may I think be in Cambridge on Sunday next for a few hours. If I can help you [illeg] send a line to Trinity & if I am there I [win] [atlad] to it.

I see we have got the Gold Medal after all. I hope Mr Pye is not too scornful one is.

Please tell Mrs Horace that I relinquish all claim to the Medal & gladly transfer my share of it to her.

[illeg] | Yours my truly | A. G. Dew—Smith.

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