From J. S. Henslow to William Kemp   9 October 1843

Hitcham Hadleigh | Suffolk

9 Oct 1843


Absence & occupations have prevented my giving so minute an examination to the specimens you have been so good as to send me as they deserve, but I hope in a few days, when I have discharged some engagements, to return to them.— My present opinion (liable to revision) is as follows—

I had considered the plant sent me by Dr Lindley as distinct from any British species—but I now believe it will turn out a singular variety of Atriplex patula, the same as two specimens (also distinct varieties) of the same species you have now sent me— I had supposed the plant sent by Lindley might be A. hastata—and possibly this may turn out a var. of A. patula, but I have no specimens for comparison— Of the other 2 species one (from yr garden) is Polygonium convolvulus & the other Polygonum aviculare (from the house)   This latter is a marked var. from its mode of culture I presume— Your discovery of these seeds is very interesting & I hope you will publish an accurate account of the circumstances—

Believe me | very faithfully yours | J S Henslow

[Addressed to] Mr Wm. Kemp | Galashiels | N.B.

[Postmarked ‘Hadleigh OC 9 1843’]

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