From Thomas Walker to William Kemp   [15 February 1844]


Feby 15. | 184⁠⟨⁠4⁠⟩⁠

Dear Sir

As you will see from the papers I send you along with t⁠⟨⁠his⁠⟩⁠ I have got into a sm⁠⟨⁠all⁠⟩⁠ controversy about Mr ⁠⟨⁠Wm⁠⟩⁠ Kemp and Tar burning. I could not possibly sit i⁠⟨⁠n⁠⟩⁠ silence and see an “Old Crony” as our Musselburg⁠⟨⁠h⁠⟩⁠ friend calls you, stript ⁠⟨⁠of⁠⟩⁠ his dues. I do not k⁠⟨⁠now⁠⟩⁠ who this Musselburgh m⁠⟨⁠an⁠⟩⁠ is, but he seems to hav⁠⟨⁠e⁠⟩⁠ some knowledge of both you and me. I sent y⁠⟨⁠ou⁠⟩⁠ a copy of the Sentinel last week, but in case you may not have got it, I send you another that you see the whole affair. I would thank you to return me the two Journals I herewith send you as I wish to keep them. You may do what you like with the Sentinel. Favour me with a letter at your convenience. It will not do to let Mr McGill monopolize all the praise. When are y⁠⟨⁠ou⁠⟩⁠ coming to Fife now? Th⁠⟨⁠e⁠⟩⁠ weather will soon be in trim for geologizing—

I have rather been complaining since I saw yo⁠⟨⁠u⁠⟩⁠ but am getting better again. I would be a great deal the better of a week among th⁠⟨⁠e⁠⟩⁠ hills with you. Hop⁠⟨⁠ing⁠⟩⁠ you are all well wit⁠⟨⁠h⁠⟩⁠ best respects to Minny | I am Dear Sir | Yours faithfully | Thomas Walke⁠⟨⁠r⁠⟩⁠

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