From Charles Darwin to William Kemp   1[8] May [1840]

12 Upper Gower Street

Monday May 10


I was very much interested by an abstract of your paper which appeared some time since in the Scotsman. Having learnt your address, through the kindness of Mr. Walker, I trust you will excuse the liberty I take in addressing you, and that will do me the pleasure of accepting a copy of my paper on Glen Roy.— I wish very much to know, whether your paper is printed anywhere at greater length than in the Scotsman? I should feel much obliged if you would answer me this question, and at the same time, perhaps you will be good enough to inform me, whether any more facts have been discovered, and whether your views on the origin of the terraces round the summit of the Eildons have been confirmed, or the contrary?— I should much like to know by what means you have estimated the height of the terraces above the sea and their corresponding level on the different hills? Over how many miles of country have traces of these marks at the same level been observed? Should you feel so inclined, any observations on this subject, which you would have the kindness to communicate with me, I should receive with the greatest interest.— I had intended to have visited your part of Scotland this summer, but the state of my health renders it doubtful, whether I shall be able. I should have much enjoyed

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