From Robert Chambers to William Kemp   1848?

Remarks on Mr Kemp’s table.

The heights having been here put in on a presumption of the total height of Eildon much below the truth, it is necessary to add some sum floating between 17 and 19, to bring them right with regard to the sea at high water. A column is here inserted in red ink, on a presumption of 19, but perhaps the medium 18 is fully more proper.

The elevations most valuable from their conformity with others in different districts are 1085, 1026, 967, 914, 831, 630, 539. The three last would however be more valuable, if 829, 628, and 544 or 5, and perhaps they might have chanced to be pitched at these heights.

1,173 or 4 comes to 8 or 9 above the highest shelf in Glenroy, that being 1165.

The intermediate level at sundry places about 760′, if we add 18 or 19 to it, will come to 4 or 5 too much for the lowest Glenroy shelf.

503 is discrepant from all other markings. Probably it is 437.

451 Were this 442 it would correspond with the Kilnhill flat and the rudy terrace just out of the plantation above Melrose; also a terrace pretty well established elsewhere.

306. Particulars about this terrace not requested.

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