Faraday to Benjamin Hawes   early June 1828

R Institution | Tuesday Evening

Dear Sir

Herewith you have proofs but let me have them back as soon as possible[.]

All you refer to in your last shall be attended to[.]

The only thing requiring a direct answer relates to a [word illegible] paragraph relative to the subject of the 13th. This paragraph may not go in at present but as the subjects are always announced a week before hand the subject & its announcement then becomes public knowledge & you or the papers or any body else may use it we cannot help it - I suppose that week will be notice enough.

I am not as yet sure whether it1 will be the 13 or 20th of June[.] Mr Brande has not settled about the Water subject and we suspend decision for him2[.]

Ever Truly Yours | M. Faraday

B Hawes Esq | &c &c

Endorsed: Tunnel | Faraday | Lecture

Faraday’s Friday Evening Discourse on the Thames Tunnel was given on 13 June. See Quart.J.Sci., 1828, 25: 436. See also note 2, letter 356.
Brande did not give his Friday Evening Discourse on the water supply of the metropolis until 23 January 1829. Quart.J.Sci., 1829, 27: 350-6.

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