Faraday to Richard Taylor   late February 1832

Dear Sir

Dr Ritchie has given me the enclosed account of his evening1, if you do not report it in Proceedings of the Royal Society2[.]

If that should be the case & you want any report of mine for the 17th, I will send it at once3[.]

Ever Truly Yours | M. Faraday

Richd Taylor Esq | &c &c &c

See Phil.Mag.,1832, 11: 300 for Ritchie's Friday Evening Discourse of 14 February 1832 "On the Laws of Action in an elementary Galvanic battery and their application to the laws of a compound battery".
Ritchie (1832), dealing with the same topic as his Friday Evening Discourse, was read to the Royal Society on 26 January and 1 February 1832. Reported in Phil.Mag.,1832, 11: 448-50.
See Phil.Mag.,1832, 11: 300-1 for Faraday's Friday Evening Discourse of 17 February 1832, "An account of the first two parts of his recent researches in electricity; namely, volta-electric induction, and magneto-electric induction".ì


RITCHIE, William (1832): “Experimental Researches in Voltaic Electricity and Electro-Magnetism”, Phil. Trans., 122: 279-98.