John Frederick William Herschel to Faraday   Early November 18321

My dear Sir,

The bearer of this is Dr Robinson2 a Gentleman who has been introduced to me by my friend Dr Fergus[s]on3 of Windsor, as possessing great knowledge on subjects connected with the detection of poisons by chemical tests, with reference to medical jurisprudence. I know no one so capable of appreciating such acquirements as yourself, and as it is Dr Robinson’s particular wish to make your acquaintance, I have ventured to place him in communication with you.

I have lately been reading with great edification your electromagnetic researches as translated into the Annales de Chimie4 – and cannot forbear this opportunity of offering my congratulations on the splendid course of discovery on which you have entered.

Believe me | dear Sir, | Yours very truly | (Sd) J.F.W.H.

Dated on the basis that Faraday to Herschel, 10 November 1832, letter 623, volume 2, was the reply.
William Fergusson (1773–1846, ODNB). Inspector General of military hospitals.
Faraday (1832c, d), ERE1 and 2.

Please cite as “Faraday0622a,” in Ɛpsilon: The Michael Faraday Collection accessed on 30 July 2021,