Faraday to Harriet Jane Moore1   18502

Your note is a very kind one, and very gratefully received; I wish on some accounts that nature had given me habits more fitted to thank you properly for it by acceptance than those which really belong to me. In the present case, however, you will perceive that our being here3 supplies an answer (something like a lawyer’s objection) without referring to the greater point of principle. I should have been very sorry in return for your kindness to say no to you on the other ground, and yet I fear I should have been constrained to do so.

The recipient identified by Bence Jones (1870a), 2: 256 as the same as that of letter 2318.
Bence Jones (1870a), 2: 256 says this letter was written before letter 2318 and was a reply to a dinner invitation.
That is Brighton. Bence Jones (1870a), 2: 256.


BENCE JONES, Henry (1870a): The Life and Letters of Faraday, 1st edition, 2 volumes, London.

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