Faraday to James Faraday   c29 April 1850

If the loss be sudden and grievous to us1, how much more so must it be to you; and indeed we feel deeply for you. Let us hope and think that strength will be given you to bear it as a man; patiently, as one to whom grief and adversity does not come bringing only distress and unavailing sorrow, but deeper thoughts and instruction which afterwards produces good fruit. There are none of us who do not need such teaching, but it is hard to bear; and indeed, my dear J., it is very hard when it comes with such an overwhelming flood as that which has just reached you. I know that no words of mine are fitted to comfort you, but I seek only to sympathise, and you may believe how earnestly I do so when I at the same moment think what my state would have been had your loss been mine.

Give a kiss to the children from me. Remember me to your mother2, and think of me as your very affectionate uncle, M. Faraday

This was the death on 27 April 1850 of Margery Ann Faraday, née Reid (1820-1850, Reid, C.L. (1914)), a niece of Sarah Faraday’s who married James Faraday on 30 April 1846. She died following the birth of Lucy Reid Faraday (1850-1900, GRO under Boyd) on 22 April 1850.
Margaret Faraday, née Leighton (d.1868, age 78, GRO). Widow of Faraday’s brother, the gas engineer, Robert Faraday (1788-1846, GRO) whom she married in 1815 (see letter 53, volume 1).

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