Faraday to Mary Elizabeth Lyell   4 June 18591

[Royal Institution embossed letterhead] | 4 June 1859.

Dear Lady Lyell

Though I did not appear in person to thank you last night I cannot omit to do so altogether. The fact is that I was afraid to come for though Babbage2 very kindly pressed me (& you had asked us) others stood about who knew my rule & would have taken advantage of its relaxation. My wife could not come. She & my niece thank you much for your remembrance of them[.]

Ever Your faithful Servant | M. Faraday

Mary Elizabeth Lyell, née Horner (1808-1873, Burkhardt et al. (1985-94), 4: 652). Conchologist. Married Charles Lyell on 12 July 1832.
Charles Babbage (1791-1871, ODNB). Mainly worked on inventing mechanical calculating machines.

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