Faraday and Sarah Faraday to Mary Deacon   20 October 1860

[Royal Institution embossed letterhead] | 20 Octr. 1860

Dear Mary

Put the enclosed into any shape that will remind you of our love. It cannot measure it, or even indicate, except to a loving mind, in that respect like the Givers; and then any thing may serve for all things are exalted by such a feeling. We hope & trust there is great happiness in store for you & William1; and though the course of your life seems as if in some respects it might be different to ours, I believe it will be the same in the matter of affection.- With warmest love to you both We are dear Mary

Your Affectionate Uncle & Aunt | Sarah & M. Faraday

They had married on 4 October 1860. GRO.