Faraday to Benjamin Vincent   8 August 1862

The Green | Hampton Court | F[riday]. 8, Aug. 1862

My dear friend

Though you are away from us we cannot forget you - and so on Wednesday1 Evening last as we sat at tea together reduced in company to two, we talked about you & Mr Leighton, picturing your whereabouts & thinking of the accounts you would bring back to us. Mr Leighton had left a very pleasant remembrance of himself in the shape of a letter he had received from Mr. Baxter of Dundee telling us of the addition of a brother to the Church namely John Behrens2 son of the Sister Mrs. Behrens3 I mean his Mother - for it appears that his own sister in the flesh joined the Church being the last addition before her friend who was received a week ago. So now Mrs. Behrens has her son & her daughter & her niece with her in the faith which must be a great delight to her in her weakness for I understand that she is confined to the house & could not be present at the worship or at the recent receptions[.]

Perhaps you have heard all this but I just mention what occurs to my mind[.]

On Wednesday Mrs. Philip4 said her husband was on the sea so we hope to have his company next Sabbath[.]

I think you will see four of Mrs. Giles children at Newcastle with their uncle & aunt we heard they had arrived safe. Mrs. Giles is going with other three to her sister Mrs. Metcalf5 at Hawes. Mr. John Giles is exceedingly kind & thoughtful for her[.]

I learn that my wife intends writing to your wife to see if we can bring Mrs. Vincent here on Sabbath Evening & Keep her for a few days. There is also the intention of getting a few friends to dinner here some day next week with the hopes that if you are in town you will come & join them, but I cannot say anything definite. We shall see how it will turn out and what Mrs. Vincent & friends will say[.]

Poor Anderson since his wife’s6 death & burial is gone into the Country with I believe two of his daughters7 for a change and relief. I think he comes back on Monday8 but am not sure. Of Dr. Tyndall we have heard twice. His first letter9 gave the account of a very serious affair which occurred to one of his guides or rather parties who fell into a crevasse and was with great difficulty recovered from the ice and restored to life & consciousness[.] The other letter related his attempt to ascend the Matterhorn10 and his failure. The party approached near the summit but that summit was inaccessible: from what he says both their progress towards & their retreat from the top were very dangerous.

My letter is not worth your having - or even continuing - for my head is very confused. But give my love to Mr Paradise, Mr Reid11 & all our friends.

Ever Affectionately Yours | M. Faraday

Mr. Vincent

That is 6 August 1862.
Elizabeth Metcalf, née Gray (1814–1886, GRO). A niece of Faraday’s and a Sandemanian at Hawes.
Ann Anderson (d.1862, age 64, GRO). Wife of Charles Anderson who died on 27 July 1862.
Ann Katherine Anderson (d.1902, age 74, GRO), dressmaker, and Eliza Sarah Anderson.
That is 11 August 1862.
Not found.