Jane Barnard to Miss Crum   18 and 19 August 1863

5 Clairmont Gardens | Glasgow1.

My dear Miss Crum

We were very sorry that we were from here when you called yesterday; my Uncle left last evening taking your beautiful basket of grapes with him, which I am sure he would find very refreshing on his journey.

The very pleasant day we spent at the Rouken2 has been in our thoughts often since & the many remembrances we brought away will all tend to remind us constantly of your kindness.

I hope you will let me send you a duet a great favourite of my Uncle’s & which you may not have - By Babel Streams3 by Henry Smart4. I hope to have it in a day or so. With kindest regards to your sisters & to Mrs Crum5 I remain

Yours very sincerely | Jane Barnard

18 Aug 1863

Wednesday6.- I detain this note as I hoped to send you the Cartes of my Uncle which I now send & hope you will take your choice or keep both as you prefer. I had a letter from him this morning & he tells me he arrived at home comfortably & well.

The home of William Crawford.
A park to the south of Glasgow near the Crums’ home.
A reference to Psalm 137.
Henry Thomas Smart (1813–1879, ODNB). Organist and composer.
Janet (Jessie) Crum, née Graham (1801–1876, SRO). Married Walter Crum in 1826.
That is 19 August 1863.

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