Faraday to Augusta Ada Lovelace1   Between 1844 and 1852

Royal Institution | Friday Evg

My dear Lady Lovelace

You drive me to desperation by your invitations. I dare not and must not come and yet find it almost impossible to refuse such a wish as yours. I know not how to answer you:- and do not think that my temptation is the Sontag 2 for I can assure you it is for your kindness that I feel I make but a bad return and it is you who would draw me if any thing might. Forgive me & believe me most gratefully

Yours – M. Faraday

Augusta Ada King, Countess Lovelace, née Byron (1815–1852, ODNB). Friend of Charles Babbage whom she helped with his calculating machines.
Henriette Sontag (1806–1854, GDMM). German soprano.

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