Julius Plücker to Faraday   Between 1850 and 1859

London Monday | evening

Dear Sir!

Being arrived at London I seek information about you at the Royal Institution, and it was told to me this letter would reach you, if sent there. I should happy, Sir to see you either in town or in the country. I’ll stay here one week at least and if convenient to you, you may dispose on my time as you like.

Yours | most truly | Plücker of Bonn

(62 Frith Street | Soho square)

Address: Professor Faraday, | &c &c &c | Royal Institution, | London.

Postmark: 19 August 185[number illegible]

Please cite as “Faraday4718u,” in Ɛpsilon: The Michael Faraday Collection accessed on 6 August 2021, https://epsilon.ac.uk/view/faraday/letters/Faraday4718u