Joseph Sabine1 to Faraday   1836 or 1837

15 Mill St Conduit St | Friday morn

My dear Sir,

Will you be so good to give tickets to Mr Thibaut2 (the giraffe hunter) to attend the lecture tonight. He will come accompanied by Mr Harding3 who will ask for the order when he comes.

Very truly yours | Jos. Sabine

Address: To | Professor Faraday | &c &c

Joseph Sabine (1770–1837, ODNB). Secretary of the Horticultural Society, 1810–1830.
George Thibaut. A French trader and explorer who was commissioned by the Zoological Society to bring some giraffes from Africa to London in the mid 1830s. Sclater (1870), 55-6.
James Duffield Harding (1797–1863, ODNB). Landscape painter.

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