James Emerson Tennent to Faraday   Between 1855 and 1859

B. of Trade | May 21

My dear Sir

Many thanks for your most kind note. I spoke to Mr Tyndall without the precaution of first conferring with my Son1. He is a very prudent & cautious fellow: & he says that at this moment his hands are so full what with official duties at the Board of Trade & attendance at Lectures on Law, at Lincolns Inn; that he has barely time to enjoy the evenings now & then at Albemarle St & would be debarred any use of the general advantages of the Roy. Institution. For these reasons he thinks this it is wiser to postpone for a little his application for Membership - & in this I concur. With kindly thanks to you[.]

Faithfully Yours | Em: Tennent

William Emerson Tennent (1835–1876, The Times, 17 November 1876, p.9, col.a). Clerk in the Board of Trade from 1855; called to the bar in 1859. He never became a Member of the Royal Institution.

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