Lewis Vulliamy1 to Faraday   Undated

Tuesday mg

My dear Faraday

I am very much engaged this morning and therefore shall be very much obliged if you would see the bearer, Mr Drake2, who is very intelligent on the subject of the glass, & will give you any information either as to price, or manner of execution. Will you be so good as to let him know what the Comtee have decided & let him have his specimens[.]

I am very faithfully yours | L. Vulliamy

Endorsed by Faraday: Ground glass – 3/9 per foot

Line border only 5/6

Centre [word illegible] extra all half a crown per square

Border pattern – 11/6

Double Matt –

Mr Drake | 100 Edgware Road.

Each pane 3f 6 sq

24¼ x 20¼

Address: M. Faraday Esq | &c &c &c

Lewis Vulliamy (1791–1871, ODNB). Architect to the Royal Institution.

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