William Wavell1 to Faraday   c.18202

Hatchetts Hotel | Sunday Evening.

My dear Sir,

I send you the Carbonate of Soda & some fragments of the Stone in the hollows of which the carbonate is found - the stone was taken from the interior of the Tower of Stoke Church in the Parish of Hartland - North Devon - In the interior of the Tower - only is the Carbonate found - The soda appears to be inherent in the stone & receiving moisture & carbonic acid from the air to resolve itself into this salt - I shall be much obliged to you - should you analyze it to favour me with the result.

I am my dear Sir very faithfully | Yours | Wm. Wavell

Endorsed: Dr. Wavell | Horwood House | near Barnstable | Devon

Address: Mr. Faraday | Royal Institution | Albermarle Street.

William Wavell (d.1829, age 79, Devon burial records). Medical doctor and author; Gent.Mag., 1829, 99: 651.
Dated on the basis that another sample of the salt was described in Clarke (1822), read 27 November 1820.

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