To Joseph Hooker 29th April 1860

7 Downing Terrace Cambridge

27 April 1860

My dear Jos.

I have heard from Sir H. & have suggested Wednesdays & Fridays for 2 weeks in - 4 lectures on June 6,8: 13,15: I could then run up to Kew on the Tuesdays & have that day & Thursdays for selecting specimens & illustrations. His letter is dated 25th, but it only came to hand this morning. He tells me you & Lindley are elected Examiners. I held a sub-committee at the Ray on Wednesday to discuss the projected programme for the Botany- & we settled it pretty much as we had predetermined, only shortening a little some of the details - our visiting seems to have set in. I dine today with the Club [illeg] "family", & then go with Le Mott to Trinity Lodge. Tomorrow we dine with Master of St. Johns, Tuesday with Prof. Brown, Wednesday with Prof. Selwyn. No more quiet evenings I suspect. We drank tea yesterday with the Barnards & found Annie all right again after a day's uncomfortablenous. You quite forgot the "Special small papers". What shall I say to Lady Afflick ? I recommended that these really interesting speculations on Phylotaxis, Bee-cells etc. should be collected & published in the form of a miscellany - & I think Whewell will do this. I am sadly grieved to see the death of Lady C. Kerrison. This is a serious loss to the Neighbourhood of Eye, & I am pained for my little protogee at the School there. I know no Lady, among the few I do know, of her position so amiable & painstaking for good. Lyell writes me that Murchison & Prestwich consider the gravel at the higher & lower levels at Amiens to be contemporaneous. This would quite agree with the suggestion I have thrown out in regard to the deposits at Stowmarket - but the explanation requires something of a debacle to which Lyell objects.

Love to all round you

affectly yrs

J. S. Henslow

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