To Joseph Hooker 5th May 1860

7 D.T.

5 May 1860

My dear Joseph

It seems to be settled that I lecture at B. Palace on June 13.15. &20.22. My class here has expanded & about 60 men are leaving cards for Pass & the room is full. I began a week too soon. Sedgwick did not say much when I saw him. He said he knew O. was ill tempered - but did not seem to be fully satisfied that he cd be the author of the review in the Edinburgh. When I explained what was thought of his reasons for attacking D as he has, he said he was sorry for it. He seemed staggered & not willing to say much. On Monday he is to give an anti-Darwinian Exposé at the Phil. Soc. I think he will perhaps be moderated in regard to expressions of a personal nature. I have been sticking up for Darwin (not his theory) in all directions - people get such absurd opinions of him into their heads. I fancy Sedgwick will pound Powell more than Darwin. He has just been reading his Essay (which I have not yet seen) & tells me P. quotes Darwin to the extent of having demonstrated the self existent or self creative origin of Man. Perhaps I don't quite quote what he said rightly - but I suppose I shall hear it all on Monday. I shall say something about D's & O's respective hypothesis before I get thro' my lectures - & endeavour to satisfy my Class that C.D. is not a man to be slighted or snubbed - but to be calmly answered by those who differ from him. The Bury Post acknowledged its error, in having mistaken Lady C.K. for her Mother-in-Law. I am rejoiced it was a blunder. I have sent the order for the blocks to Baker. I suppose a great chest arrived is from you - but I have not yet opened it. Is the Bamboo likely to come whilst I am here. I sd like to show in my Grass lecture. Love to F &

believe me affecly

J. S. Henslow

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