From John Cary 20 May

181 Strand

May 20


I have just tried one of the Microscopes which I have put together for polishing and I hope to send it you on Monday compleatly [sic] finished. I am happy to inform you that it produces the finest effect I have ever yet seen as an opake microscope. There is so much light that the condensing lens is not even required and I have no doubt with the aid of the lens attached as you have represented it, it will be equally effective by candle or lamp light. I think that the second power if properly fitted might be used for opake objects but this will require some time, perhaps if you would have the goodness to think upon it you might suggest some plan

I remain Sir

Yours very respectfully

John Cary

Please cite as “HENSLOW-1068,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 25 September 2022,