To Thomas Martin

We have an attentive and kindly disposed Master at our Work House, who takes an interest in making it as bearable as possible

He has a little Band who play about thirty or more tunes – The new Drummer might easily get into his Drum–

The Band of course varies in number but is generally composed of about a dozen of the children. They play Horn, pipes, Trombone, Clarinet, Cymbals &c purchased among us by subscription–

It has given quite a new Tone to the establishment, and has been adopted in other Unions–

Last week by a subscription of two or three pounds our Work House children joined those of Ipswich, and had a steam-boat excursion to Harwich. I was not present, but I hear it was a very successful and interesting display, and the steam boat company carried them gratis – the rail-road at half-price– and the rail-road have consented to carry a batch of our Labourers a fortnight hence to visit the Museum &c at Ipswich. The little Band generally come here twice a year – and I expect them again next week at our school children's anniversary. We are desirous of giving our work house children both amusement and exercise.

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