To Thomas Martin 14 September 1849

Hitcham Hadleigh Suffolk

14 September 1849

My dear Sir,

You are welcome to as many of my notices as you can find any use for – I sent one to an excellent liberal Landlord at this Parish who is ( I believe) near Reigate at present – I mean Sir B. Brodie – I have had the idea passing thro’ my head of a select party – for 2 or 3 days in London, but this would be a somewhat expensive affair & could only be managed for a few – I once sent one of our more intelligent labourers to see London under his Brother’s auspices, & it did him much good. There are plenty of free sights, & I think I have interest enough with some others to obtain free admission for country cousins – which would reduce our expences to travelling, bed & board; & with due economy I fancy (D.V.) another year may produce something of the sort you describe – a little mismanagement of their funds by our Ipswich friends squandered in our cause as least 10£ to 15£ which found its way into the pockets of those who are always ready to plunder – but this was no affair of mine – & where I have the arrangement in my own hands I should effectually prevent anything of the sort – but Feoffes are really Trustees of certain lands left to the poor – we receive about 80£ in rent from these, which is not well distributed – but I have contrived to improve upon old practices – when I came here it was entirely given away in silver – with a good deal of favoritism – The Vestry door was guarded by constables – one claimant introduced at a time – & no body satisfied – & the Feoffes generally were more or less abused at the end– By drawing up a precise scale for the distribution, & appropriating 30£ towards Coals, we now meet all together in the School room – & scarcely a grumble is ever heard – If so the case is publickly discussed & decided before the whole party – Mr Wood, the Sec.y of the Lab. Friends Soc.y <has> is the person to whom I refer, you name a Mr Martin who will assist – & certainly I shall be thankful for the experience of any one who is disposed to do so – I am sorry I can’t get to Birmingham – but it is rather to far for the length of my Tether–

very truly yours

J. S. Henslow

Please cite as “HENSLOW-1084,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 18 September 2021,