To Thomas Martin 28 January 1850

Hitcham Hadleigh Suffolk

28 January 1850

My dear Sir,

Thanks for the papers which I shall circulate with the Cottage Gardener, pasted on cover – I have not seen any more of the Morn. Chronicle’s statements than a few extracts in the Bury Post having reference to Suffolk – I have learnt to be very suspicious of Reporters’ statements – They contrive to dress up a few facts, sufficiently lamentable in themselves, in colors not warranted by a closer examination of details – I was told by a friend at Stourmouth that the details from that neighbourhood were very unfair representations of the state of things – Certainly I could not agree with the apparent approval of a system adopted by a friend of mine in a neighboring parish ­ who builds model cottages, – then covenants with the tenants that they shall not keep on pigs or fowls – out of respect to Farmers’ prejudices – It seems true to me that Farmers’ prejudices are of all things that men have to contend with, the most injurious to the welfare of the Labourer – It requires long residence in a Country village & close acquaintance with the people to be able to enter into the feelings & prejudices peculiar to our agricultural districts – & I am sure no hasty visits of a newspaper reporter can qualify him for making a correct statement – I had made enquiry after these articles but had not been able to get sight of them – If they are ever published apart I will get them – As yet we have had fewer persons in the Workhouse than by this time last year – the cheapness of provisions more than compensating for any loss of labour–

Ever yrs truly

J. S. Henslow

Please cite as “HENSLOW-1086,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 18 September 2021,