To Thomas Martin 24 February 1850

Hitcham, Hadleigh, Suffolk

24 February 1850

My dear Sir

I am much obliged to you for the paper you sent me – It will afford me some useful hints for extending my own plan of laying before the Parish our Club acs/- which I have been in the habit of doing for some years past every Easter – I forgot whether I ever sent you a copy before, & so enclose the last for 1846, as I have not yet made out the ac/- for 1847 – I like the idea of publishing the Collections for Queen’s letters & Sacrament fund – and to my own I can add the receipts of our Benefit Club, Medical Club, & the money expended from our Town Land Charity. We are probably a very different style of parish from Oxley – mostly small farmers & not one resident gentleman – a pretty general objection prevails to much schooling, & a universal one to allotments – I am very fond of carrying on business by Tickets, & send you three, which I think you have not seen before, which will explain themselves – This sort of interchange of plans may often be mutually instructive – I must look at the B.hp of Norwich’s Book named by you – I have engaged to give an opening address to the Ipswich Museum on the 6th & have also a lecture in hand from our Hadleigh Farmers’ Club on the Geographic distribution of Alimentary Plants, which are engaging all my spare time just now to get them ready –

Believe me

very truly & faithfully yours

J. S. Henslow

P. S. one of the farmers yesterday sent a male Reed Bunting to know what it was – It was in winter plumage – & another today brought me a large mass of Quartzvein attached to sandstone. – The registration of such events wd. certainly tell in illustration of the matters unusual in particular districts–

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