To Thomas Martin 13 July 1852

Hitcham, Hadleigh, Suffolk

13 July 1852

My dear Sir,

I hope to be all day at Kew on the 22nd– if you could bring your party then I might be of some little service to you – for would you like me to give you a letter to Dr W. Hooker who might not be able to attend to you himself but could put you under the guidance of some intelligent person in the garden so as to secure your seeing what was most worthy your attention? My son in law Dr Hooker is so much engaged that I cannot ask him to go round with you – but I am sure my daughter will be happy to see you & render any assistance – they are however going to Switzerland in August–

Yours very truly

J. S. Henslow

Please cite as “HENSLOW-1093,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 18 September 2021,