From William John Bankes   18 September 1823

Soughton Hall Northop N. W.

18 September 1823

Dear Sir,

I have the pleasure of enclosing to you some wild Pinks gathered from the walls of Conway Castle, where I have long observed them to grow in considerable abundance.

When I mentioned the circumstance to you in [illeg] which I did myself the honor of passing to you at Cambridge & it seemed to be new to you so far as respects Conway & I hve reason to hope therefore that they may furnish an acceptible specimen to your collection.

I have in my house here a very large Hortus siccus formed by my great grandfather the Bishop of Bath & Wells, should any thing happen to call you into this County I should rejoice to have it looked over by you, as I dare say that it may contain curious things which I should be glad to submit to those more capable of judging of them than myself, but it is too bulky for me to remove conveniently to London.

I am Sir | your very faithful Servant | W llm John Bankes

To Professor Henslow | St John’s College The Rev d G Jenyns’s | Cambridge Bottisham Hall

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