To N. J. Winch   21 October 1823

21 October 1823

Dear Sir,

I have sent you a formidable list of desiderata, but I thought it better to give it entire as you may be able to supply me with some plants which, though common in the North I can not procure here in their native state. In fact I should be obliged to you for any N. country plants whether mentioned in my list or not & as many duplicates of such as you can conveniently spare– I should feel obliged if you w d furnish me with a list of of such of our S. country plants as you w d wish me to procure for you– I have sent a few at a venture & also duplicates of such as I thought might be acceptable to any N. country botanists among yr. friends. I have your printed list of desiderata but I fear that I am not likely to diminish it very much– I have however procured a few for you & trust that I shall next year be able to get some more–

May I beg yr acceptance of a syllabus of mineralogy wh. I published early this year.–

With thanks for the plants you sent me– believe me

Yrs. very truly | J. S. Henslow

  • Narcissus poeticus
  • Serapias grandiflora
  • Aquilegia vulgaris
  • Arabis turrita
  • Orchis militaris
  • Hypochaeris maculata
  • Glaucium violaceum
  • Stratiotes aloides
  • Atropa belladonna
  • Lathyrus palustris
  • -------- aphaca
  • Delphinium consolida
  • Caucalis infesta
  • Veronica spicata
  • Potamogeton pusillum
  • Lobelia urens
  • Schoenus mariscus
  • Chenopodium acutifolium
  • Lathirus sylvestris
  • Melampyrum cristatum
  • Selinum palustre
  • Neottia spiralis
  • Thymus Nepeta
  • ------ Acinos
  • Lathyrus nissolia
  • Anemone pulsatilla
  • Thesium linophyllum
  • Athamanta libanotis
  • Aceras anthropophora
  • Teucrium scordium

N.B. The duplicates have the same date as those which are named.

Endorsements by Winch: Wrote Jan 14 1823 Plants and Cumb. Fl: sent by Mr Hodgson.

Answered Dec r: 31st 1823 | Plants sent by Mr Lork.


Desiderata – If natives of Great Britain– JS Henslow [6 pp - printed list]

Please cite as “HENSLOW-13,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 30 July 2021,