Editor. Transactions of the Geological Society  31 May 1821

St Johns

31 May 1821

My dear Sir

I find that you are mistaken in supposing that there is no reference to fig.3.you will find one page 490 3 lines from the bottom. I beg leave to suggest one or two corrections in the map.-

In the reference to the colours Diluvium is spelt Deluvium; & no boundary is marked for a small patch of limestone which occurs to the S. of Port le Murray. I have drawn a pencil line to show where it ought to be. Athol-bridge is mis-spelt Athal-bridge - Cronk-ny-liry-Lhad, is mis-spelt Cronk-ny-liry-Lhann.— No letters are engraved with fig. 6 to explain accompany the explanation on p. 497.

I remain Dear Sir Y rs very truly | J S Henslow

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