To J. D. Hooker   22 November 1843

Hitcham Hadleigh Suffolk

212 Nov. 1843 | too late for post

My dear Sir,

I shall be delighted to place Darwin’s plants in your hands – & beg you will make just whatever use of them you please – not forgetting to give me a rap on the knuckles for having done so little with them – Some few I have named, & incorporated with the herbarium, but I can give you the list of these– My duties here quite debar me from pursuing Botany with any vigor now – I will go to Cambridge as soon as I can & pack them off. I propose visiting the British Museum with my 2 nd Daughter on Friday next about 11. O’Clock, & will enquire at Mr. Brown’s Room whether Sir W. is there– We shall be in Town too short a time to accept his kind invitation to go over to Kew, as our spare time must be spent in Lionizing – We country folks see so little of London that we take the opportunity when we can of looking about us there. I have an interesting set of plants from the Galapagos from Darwin – & have been intending again & again to set to work at them – They are here – would these be wanted by you?

Greeting missing

Please cite as “HENSLOW-217,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 21 September 2021,