To J. D. Hooker   10 December 1843

Hitcham H. S.

10 December 1843

My dear Sir,

I shall leave at 13 Clements Inn, the Galapagos plants, in my way thru' Town tomorrow – You will find a few with them from Macrae which belong to the Horticultural Soc– I had begun by a few random notes to examine them before I left Cambridge, & have left them just as I inscribed them at the time – Since I came here I have had no time for them – always intending to recommence – but never being able to do so among my numerous engagements & duties – You will find them an interesting set of plants. Pray publish them in any way you prefer – I am too happy to see justice done to Darwins’s exertions to think of making stipulations of any sort – Do just as you please giving him due credit for collecting in a branch of science which formed no part of his studies, & solely to oblige me

Ever y rs truly | J. S. Henslow

Please cite as “HENSLOW-219,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 21 September 2021,