To J. D. Hooker   28 February 1846

Hitcham Hadleigh Suffolk

28 February 1846

My dear Sir,

I have stumbled upon a few of Darwin’s ferns which have not been sent to you– They are from the following localities, & if you wish to see them in connection with the other S. American plants you still have I will bring them to town the first opportunity – Should you want them soon I can send them to you – The localities mentioned are

Chiloe (the Island)


S. part of Tierra del Fuego

Port Desire

Patch Cove, Cape Tres Montes

Chonos Archepelago

E. Falklands –

There are also about 7– a doz. Plants of Macrae’s marked Dubia from Malden & Albermale Isl ds Galapagos – which belong to the Hort. Soc. & were overlooked when I sent the others – I see you have honored me with a Viscum & an Adiantum – Your Genus Pleuropetalum was one that struck me in my hasty & only rough examination of the lot – I sent you some very absurd remarks & memoranda – I felt aware that most of them were had better been burnt, but I though I w d let them go just as I had left them some 8y rs ago – A Capt. in the Navy was up Mona Roa in Owyhee in /44 & has brought me a few scraps of ferns & other plants badly prepared – as you like to examine plants with a view to Bot. Geog., if you think you w d like to see them I could add them to the packet – but I suspect there is nothing worthy your notice, as your Father has probably every thing from thence– Do you ever ramble in England? It would give me the very greatest pleasure to see you here, if at any time you can indulge me– I shall be visiting Cambridge for 5 weeks (return g home on Saturdays) from April 17. but with that exception I am not likely to be absent for any time– My Sunday duty always confines me, & I have not been absent from home on a Sunday for the last 3 y rs. Kindest regards to Sir W. & Lady H. & believe me

Very sincerely y rs | J S. Henslow

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