To J. D. Hooker   9 March 1846

Hitcham Hadleigh Suffolk

9 March 1846

My dear Sir,

As you had stated that you had received what duplicates you could from the Galapagos, I told Darwin there were a few scraps of duplicates remaining, & he has written to say that you will like to have them for some one at Paris– I will therefore put them up for you– when I send the other things– If I have no opportunity of sending them otherwise I can get my Hadleigh bookseller to forward the parcel to Town before the end of the month– & you can send the Macrae specimens (& a few others I have for Lindley) to the horticultural Soc ty when you have examined them – I have a few duplicates from Dominica that were sent me in a packet of about 100 species from a Clergyman residing there – Are they likely to be of any use to you? I will look at the plants I have had of Hartwig’s collecting & let Mr Bentham know the N os that is to say the lowest & highest, for if I recollect rightly I did not receive the first set or sets – I envy you the task you are enjoying with him – A man who has 2 sermons to prepare weekly & a host of other matters to attend to can be little more than a looker on at such labours as yours – I am rejoiced to hear that your Sister is so soon to be married, & to so excellent a person – The little differences in the various sections of the Church of Christ are as nothing compared with individual character– With you I have the firmest attachment for my own Church & the older I grow the clearer I can see that those who formed her articles were the real Giants of the day in which they brushed off the dirt & rubbish that had so long defiled her–

Believe me | very truly y rs | J H Henslow

P.S. I have been recommending Darwin to read a most interesting book by Thom – in the cause of Storms, which must interest all when been at sea–

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