To Leonard Jenyns   25 January 1847


25 January 1847

My dear Leonard,

Yr note got tucked out of the way. and I forgot to reply to it. Poor Ste was indeed carried off very suddenly – but it was a great comfort to me to have attended to him in his last moments. I certainly should Judge for myself (in your place) as the amount of remuneration to be asked for the amount of trouble incurred by the Naturalists Almanack, Your labours are complimented in the Gardener's Chronicle. I am not fond of birth and deaths being intermixed with the useful notices to the days of the week – but I suppose it is required. The only inconvenience of making this supplemental to other almanacks is the necessity of having two. If the matter of this were incorporated with Gutch's pocket book it would improve both – as it is yours does very nicely for the table. but wd make an inconvenient addendum to what is already in the pocket. A more complete affair than Gutch's would be the right thing. I do not see anything particular to alter in yours. I want something of an Index. I go to town and St. Albans on Tuesday (tomorrow) but return on Friday or Saturday. Harriet is better (with relapses) since her pull down by the mild attack of Influenza and Mumps.

Kind regards to your wife –

Ever yrs affy

J S Henslow

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