To William Whewell   12 February 1849

Hitcham Hadley Suffolk

12 February 1849

My dear Whewell,

My mother wants me at St Albans on the 15 th! – & I do not know that I could say more than the following comments may convey if I were to attend–

1. I should say 20 as a minimum – but that is as much as a can be given by me in Easter Term–

2. A list of names – & cards left–

3. see N o. 8–

4. Yes

5. A syllabus of each course defining the minimum required for the Professorial Condition. Having received comments from 3 or 4 quarters on my own projected Syllabus– I was thinking of a circular to all lecturing Botanists to advise about a common minimum for our Universities & various medical schools–an apprenticeship, of an extended form of Syllabus, might suggest matter for Honors– A subject like Botany is too vast without some limitations of this sort–

6. The note seems to be involved in the above–

7. In the week after?

8. Why not require a Professorial fee from all undergraduates, & let all the lectures be open to all? A man who wishes to attend several will be heavily taxed, if he has to pay for each– Moreover, it would be very objectionable for payments to specific lectures to be thrown into a common stock– A stated annual payment for apparatus (of which an inventory should be kept) might be made as in the case of the Botanic garden– This fixed sum abstracted, the residue of the Professorial fees might be divided–

9. For the present– But distinctions should be secured by medals or prizes for the best?

10. Yes

Ever y rs truly | J S Henslow

Please cite as “HENSLOW-247,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 21 September 2021,